12V 20A Lead acid battery charger

12V 20A Lead acid battery charger

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                                                          Smart 3-Stages SLA Battery charger
01 Rating Input Voltage V ac 100~120Vac or 200-240Vac
02 Input voltage range V ac 90~132Vac or 180~264Vac
03 Rating Input Current A 2.0Arms 220V input
04 Max.input power W 360W
05 Rating output voltage V dc 13.8V
06 Output voltage range V dc 10VDC~15VDC
07 Suit with Battery type 12V 60~160Ah VRLA
08 Charging current(stage1) A 20.0±2.0@12V
09 Charging voltage(stage2) V 14.5V+-0.2V
Floating   voltage(stage3) V 13.7V+-0.15V
10 Cut-off current(stage23) A <6.0+-1.0A
11 Typical charging time hour 8
12 Max.output power W 300W
13 Hold-on time ms NC Input:220Vac Output:Full load
14 Ripple current mA 200 Input:220Vac Output:Full load
15 Charge finish condition V>14V +I<3.0A
16 LED color Led 1&Led 2  Red  :charging                           Led 1 red&Led 2 green:finish/idle
17 Output protect - OCP&OVP&Polarity error protection
18 Desulfurize Desulfurize if battery is sulfurize Pulse current recovery
19 Efficiency % 80%(min) At max.load
20 Operate temperature 0~+40 Full load&natural convection
21 Operate humidity %RH 20~90 Relative humidity,non-condensing.
22 Storage temperature -40~+70
23 Storage humidity %RH 10~95 Relative humidity,non-condensing.
24 Cooling - cooling with fan
25 Temperature factor % --
23 Vibration resistance 5MM/50HZ/600S Non-operating condition.
27 Impact resistance 1 meter drop test>=3 times Non-operating condition.
28 Weight g 2.0kg
29 Size mm 160.0x105.0x70.0 Casing only
30 Connectors - Defined when order
31 Max.temperature rise <40 on casing At any line and Max.Load
32 Safety standards - CE
33 EMC standard - CE
34 MTBF hrs 40000
35 Limited power source VA -
36 ESD Kv 8.0
37 Hi-Pot Insulation v Input to Output:1500Vac(1 min.) For final cut,cut-off current<10mA



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